Maya Fey, Queen of Everything I Love (AKA Ace Attorney is my favorite game series). Cheering her favorite lawyer on (or threatening to clobber the prosecution, either or)!

Claire Holmes, mother to be.

Rayelle and Nadine sketchy headshots, from that magical girl project thing I’m doing. Doodling between commission work~

A gift for my super close friend Mary (who’s not on Tumblr) of her character Samantha from her personal project “The Dream Broker,” to get back into the swing of things!


I’ve finally got some made and ready to send to you guys! They’re $2 a piece (+ $1.50 for domestic shipping to cover stamps and stationary, $3.50 for overseas), printed on cardstock, and laminated for a little extra durability. All orders come with a personalized letter of thanks! 

Click here to buy them at my Storenvy! Thank you again for your patronage guys! u v u <3

Doodles I did a few weeks ago while super late at night (hence my messy collage-like layouts). More things for that magical girl concept I’ve been toying with! A sheet of Rayelle drawings on the left (and a concept for a school uniform when I was considering making them high school age), and the three mains on the right - Rayelle, Mia, and first designs of Nadine. Why the bigger headshots have only one eye is a ~mystery indeed~

Art card commission for Arana of her character, Nella!

Just a quick headshot of my favorite Crystal Gem~

I’ve been working on a magical girl story idea for a bit so here’s a character concept for you guys! Rayelle (AKA that girl drawn in purple tones) who’s shown up on this blog a few times is the main, and this here’s the second main character, Mia Hernandez. She’s normally not this pensive, I promise.

Page on Facebook!

Hey guys, just letting you know I’ve updated my Storenvy to change the name (to “Space Cadet Designs”!) as well as made a Facebook page, if you want more constant updates! It’s a bit barren right now but updates will be on the horizon so feel free to give us a like!

Thanks! <3

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Art card commissions off-Tumblr for a former coworker of mine, and these were a lot of fun, trust me LOL. She wanted chibi Victorian goth vampires with the aim to have them tattooed. I’m so flattered help meee \(//∇//)\

Art card commission for Roya of her character Beatrice, the antagonist from her novel!

If you missed the train I’m on 
You will know that I am gone 
You can hear the whistle blow a hundred miles

Twi in Adventure Time style, been a long time since I’ve drawn in this style LOL.


I AM IN A BIT OF A BIND, GUYS! Long story short, my inspection on my car was due and I expected to maybe shell out $100 tops for that and incidentals, but I came out needing a little over in $300 in repairs. Because of this I’m unable to pay my student loans and car insurance in time so I need  some help!

I’ve been wanting to do some traditional art for a while so I’m going to do art card commissions this round! $10 will get you a fully colored art trading card, and as a bonus I can mail you the original for free! $7 will get you an inks-only card, and then $5 for just a basic sketch card.

I can do fanart and original characters! If you’re not sure of something, just talk to me and I’ll let you know what’s okay and what’s not. The cards are also rather small so I’m going to limit it to one character per card, but you can get as many cards as you want! I can also draw the characters normally (albeit they won’t be full body given the card’s dimensions) or chibi (which will fit within those dimensions).

Hop on over to my commission page here and submit the form there to my email ( and we can get something worked out for you! Right now my goal is to tentatively make that $300 back but we’ll see what happens. Any help at all, be it buying or signal boosting, is much appreciated!

Thanks guys! ; v ;

I’m still open for these, guys! Come get ‘em if you have a few dollars to spare, or a signal boost if you can! <3